Coherer; an electro project by Steve Netting. Earlier projects include Moon Foundation (~1998, synthpop), Caffeine Kill (~2001, industrial rock) and Rammlied (2010-current, UK Rammstein tribute).

Coherer was formed in 2008, inspired by artists such as Anthony Rother and Gerald Donald (DopplereffektDrexciya, Arpanet).

2012 saw two releases; the first ‘Coherer EP‘ (October 2012) combining new and old tracks from the past few years plus the ‘Satellite EP‘ (December 2012) consisting of all new material plus two remixes (Dead Architects and To The Arches).  The Satellite EP saw the move to a pure electro sound using simple analogue synths and 808s.

2013 saw the release of what started as a remix;  Free Fresko.   I loved the original (by Esken, featuring Jewels Lindt) and during the early stages of the remix I felt a traditional remix wouldn’t do the track justice.  For this reason it became more a reworking than a remix, with Jewels recording a new version of the vocals to match.

August 2014 saw the commercial release of Machine Intelligence and I Am Machine; both following a similar theme.

On 1st October 2015 a 4 track EP titled ‘Discovery‘ was released, available from most online retailers.  Desktop wallpapers were also release to coincide with the Discovery EP available from the Download area.

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