Shadows and Laserbeams

2022 has been a difficult year for me with little in the way of new music being written. My last album ‘Perception of Reality’ was released in January 2022 on Diffuse Reality Records and saw a change of direction from pure electro to electro-industrial. The track ‘Shadows and Laserbeams’ heralded this change and is available here for the first time, remastered and with two additional tracks.

As always, your support means a lot to me and I hope 2023 is a more positive year for all of us.

Steve / Coherer


The international electro and techno producer community has come together to raise money for two charities doing vital health work during the Covid-19 crisis – NHS Charities Together and Médecins Sans Frontières.

The project began in April this year. The resulting release is an essential compendium of techno and electro featuring some of the most respected creators working in the genre including The Hacker, Radioactive Man, Antony Rother, Delta Funktionen, John Selway, Carl Finlow, Kronos Device, and more than 120 more!

Shadows and Laserbeams

February 2020 sees the Finnish Dark Autumn Music competition, Syksyn Synkin Sävel.

The Coherer track ‘Shadows and Laserbeams’ has been entered and can be streamed along with all the other entries at audiomack (Audiomack).

For further information about the competition, artists and entries see syksynsynkinsavel (blogspot).

In addition to the streaming entry, an Amiga .mod version is also available via the Downloads page.


The first Coherer release since 2017.

Available 12 August 2019

Production: Coherer
Mastering: White Sea Studio

Available from most online retailers and streaming services.

Click to Stream or Buy:-


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