Steve Netting, also known as the artist behind the classic electro project ‘Coherer,’ has been creating music since 2012. Inspired by electronic artists such as Anthony Rother and Gerald Donald (Dopplereffekt, Drexciya, Arpanet), Coherer’s music features a blend of atmospheric soundscapes and driving beats.

More recently, Steve has been working on side projects such as ‘Town and County‘ and ‘Pennycross Coven,’ exploring the genre of hauntology.

As an amateur radio operator licensed in both England (M0SPN) and Finland (OH3SPN), Steve’s technical expertise informs his creative output, resulting in an original sound that has received critical acclaim. His love of radio communications and technology greatly influences his work, with several Coherer tracks including samples of shortwave radio or hidden embedded data or images. Coherer has also been featured in radio publications such as RadCom magazine (UK) and QST magazine (USA).

Coherer has also produced remixes for other artists, including Cybereign and Dark Vector, and has contributed tracks to a number of compilation and charity albums, such as Carebot$ (a Ukraine charity compilation by Bass Agenda) and The Animalists (an animal rights compilation by Electronic Leatherette).  Steve also forms one half of the electro collaboration project ‘Cybernet 1202‘ with releases on both Electroclub and Crobot Music labels. 

Coherer is produced using a minimal Cubase setup, known for focussing on Steinberg’s Retrologue software synthesizer for most sounds. In 2018, Steve moved from Swindon, England to Tampere, Finland, where he continues to explore and evolve his sound.

Steve has also toured with the UK Rammstein tribute ‘Rammlied‘ and has a long history as a musician in the demoscene, spanning multiple decades and platforms, including 8-bit, 16-bit, and PC. With his technical expertise and artistic vision, Steve Netting continues to push the boundaries of electronic music and inspire listeners around the world.


Shadows and Laserbeams – Coherer’s latest release, featuring tracks that delve into the darker side of electronic music and evoke a sense of danger and intrigue. It’s worth noting that one of the tracks, originally written for the Finnish Dark Autumn Music festival, Syksyn Synkin Sävel, is also unique in that it is the only Coherer release available as an Amiga protracker module, fitting onto a single floppy disk and showcasing Steve’s roots in the demoscene.

Perception of Reality – Written during a bleak period in 2021, the track peels back the layers of emotional turmoil experienced when grappling with depression and the empty void often left by medication. It delves into the unsettling journey of questioning life, reality, and the very existence we so often take for granted. The track’s profound existential introspection is reflected in its chilling melodies and deep, thought-provoking rhythms.

Ultimately, “Perception of Reality” is more than a musical track; it’s an honest conversation about mental health, a raw expression of the darkest corners of the human mind, and a message that it’s okay to question, to feel, and to be human.

Voyager – Inspired by the sounds of space and exploration, Voyager features some of Coherer’s most ambitious and immersive tracks to date.

Autonomise – featuring samples from Elon Musk himself – continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, blending elements of industrial, techno, and electro to create a sound that is uniquely Coherer.

Survival – With its driving rhythms and atmospheric textures, Survival is a powerful statement of Coherer’s artistic vision.

Discovery EP – This EP features three tracks that showcase Coherer’s evolving sound, incorporating elements of techno and acid into the mix.

I Am Machine – Coherer’s follow-up to Machine Intelligence explores similar themes, but with a darker, more aggressive edge.


Machine Intelligence – This track delves deeper into Coherer’s love of technology and robotics.

Free Fresko – Coherer’s reworking of Esken’s original track “Fresko” features the vocals of Jewels Lindt, giving the track an added layer of emotion and depth.

Coherer EP – Coherer’s debut EP features four tracks that showcase Steve’s signature blend of atmospheric soundscapes and driving beats.


Satellite EP – This EP includes remixes of the title track “Satellite” by Dead Architects and To The Arches, adding new dimensions to the original track’s spacey sound.

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